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Smoke Removal Air Freshener Spray

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Smoke Removal Air Freshener Spray

Truly fights odours to leave a fresh scent
Did you know that odours can linger in the air? Swescent Aerosol with unique OdourClear technology truly fights odours and helps prevent them from lingering – providing long-lasting freshness. Available in a variety of scents, Swescent Aerosol is convenient and easy to use – simply spritz in your living room, bathroom or kitchen, so you and your guests can breathe happy.

OdourClear technology
Swescent's OdourClear technology traps and locks up bad odours. The donut-shaped starch molecule cyclodextrin binds unpleasant smells, while citric acid neutralises to help eliminate – not just mask them. A polymer then acts as an odour magnet to draw out and trap any bad smells, leaving a fresh scent.

Perfect addition to cleaning program
Cleaning alone doesn't help eliminate odours – complete your cleaning and tidy up routine with Swescent and help get rid of lingering odours. Use Swescent as the final touch after cleaning or tidying up and spray in your living room, bathroom or kitchen.

Safe for the whole family
• Swescent Aerosol uses a 100% natural propellant
• The formula is water based and safe to use in your home
• Swescent uses nature inspired ingredients to fight odours

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