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Tire Shine Spray Supplier

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Tire Shine Spray Supplier

Tire Shine Tire Foam Spray

V-MAFA tire foam is specially formulated to clean, nourish and protect tires in one step, the powerful foam dissolves dirt, road grime and mud on the rubble, restore "like new”appearance and brings out the deep black shine. The UV Blocking and water-resistant formula effectively fight against cracking, drying and fading, prevent ozone degradation, keep your tires clean and shiny for weeks.


Rinse or brush excessive mud or dirt before applying the foam.

  1. Shake can before using.

  2. Hold can upright, spray the foam onto entire sidewall 6-8 inches away.

  3. Allow to dry 5-10 minutes, remove over-spray.


Take care when use as the foam may discolor concrete and driveway, do not use on painted areas, plastic and tire tread, thoroughly wash tire tread to remove foam before driving, do not use on seats and tires of bicycles, motorcycles or other two-wheeled vehicles.


Flammable. Contents under pressure. Exposure to temperatures over 120 degrees F (49 degrees C) or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause bursting. Do not use near open flame and sparks. Do not puncture, freeze and incinerate the bottles. Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid contact with eyes.


If eye contact occurs, remove contact lenses and flush eyes well with water for at least 10 minutes. lf swallowed rinse mouth thoroughly and seek a doctor immediately. Individuals with sensitive skin should take appropriate precautions. lf inhaled, breath fresh air. lf contact with skin, immediately rinse with water, then wash with soap.

Keep Out OF Reach of Children and Pets.

Empty tank treatment: 

Dispose of contents and container in accordance with local laws and Regulations.

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